General information Virtual Bettas4all Show

  • Who is allowed to enter?
    Only European hobbyists
    are allowed participate at the Virtual Bettas4all Show.
    Participants can enter in the following classes:

    • Regular show classes*: The fish must be self-bred by the participant and is currently swimming in his/her fishroom (matter of trust).
    • Purchased classes*: The participant has never competed with self-bred Show Bettas at any show. In this case a purchased fish can be entered.

    *Participants entering fish in the purchased classes can not enter fish in the regular classes and vice versa.

  • How many entries are allowed per participant?
    Each participant is allowed to enter a maximum of 5 entries.
  • Entry fee?
    Participation is free.
  • How to register & virtually bench fish for the Virtual Bettas4all Show?

    1. When you are a European hobbyist and want to participate you can register your fish fort he Virtual Bettas4all Show by filling in the online registration form on our website.
    2. The Virtual Benching team will receive your entryform and will assign you with your virtual tanknumbers.
    3. You will receive a confirmation email with all the information to upload your videos.
    4. Once the videos are uploaded the Virtual Benching team will sort the entries in the main showclasses based on fintype and sex in a blinded manner.
  • What are the deadlines for online registration and virtual benching?
    Online registration & Virtual benching possible from Monday 20 April 2020 to Sunday 3 May 2020 (midnight).
  • What are the minimal requirements of the videos?
    In order to judge the fish proplerly, the Bettas4all judges should be able to get a clear impression of the color, form and behaviour of the fish. Any fish which can not be judged properly will be knocked out in the judging process (even if this fish potentially is the best fish of the class in real life).Therefore some important points of attention are:

    1. Video:
      - Length: Between 20 and 30 seconds.
      - Maximum size: 75 Mb per video.
    2. The showtank:
      - Ideally non-curved, colorless, clear, fully transparant tank, preferably glass.
      - Not too deep in order to keep enough detail for judging.
      - No plants or gravel are permitted within the tank.
      - No colored water.
      - Preferably a white background.
    3. Light:
      - Non-colored
      - Sufficient to clearly see the color and details (e.g. mouth, eye, scaling) of the fish.
    4. The fish:
      - The fish should be minimally 3,5 cm for a male, 3.0 cm for a female (matter of trust).
      - Should be in good health and actively flaring.
      - Should, preferably be visible from both sides.

    Flare aids such as flare sticks and mirrors are allowed as long as the fish remains clearly visible in the video.

  • How are the fish judged by the Virtual Bettas4all Judging Team?

    1. The Bettas4all Judging Team will split showclasses in colorclasses where possible according tot he rules of the Bettas4all Standard©.
    2. Show classes will be judged with teams of at least two certified Bettas4all judges.
    3. Each certified Bettas4all judge will have a look at the videos in private to get an impression of the quality within each showclass and will make a personal notes on each entry (strong & weak points) in order to create a top 3 or top 5 of the class (depending on the number of entries per showclass).
    4. After this, the judges responsible fort he judging of a particular showclass will discuss their findings in order to make a final decision on the placement of the fish within the showclass.
    5. After all showclasses have been judged virtually, the entire Virtual Judging Team quickly overlooks the results and will discuss the results where necessary to determine the final result of each showclass.
    6. Special awards are determined following normal showrules by the Virtual Judging team.
  • How long will the judging procedure by the Virtual Bettas4all Judging Team take?
    We can not say this in advance. This will be depending on the number of entries and the time each judge will need and has available. More information will be announced in the week after virtual benching has closed.
  • Will the entries be shared with the public?
    When the Virtual Bettas4all Judging team has finished, a video of all entries (in order of virtual tanknumber) will be published per showclass in the public domain. This way everybody can get an impression of the number of entries and quality of the fish/videos per showclass.
  • Is the public also allowed to choose their favorite fish?
    When the Virtual Bettas4all Judging team has finished, the public will get the chance to vote for their favorite entry in each showclass (minimum of two entries required) based on the video showing all entries per showclass (in order of virtual tanknumber). Single entries in show classes will automatically win Public Prize in their showclass.
  • What do you win when a fish places in any of the show classes?
    When a fish places, the participant who entered the fish will recieve a unique digital show certificate and lifelong honor!