Virtual Holland Betta Show – August/September 2021Due to COVID-19 it is still impossible for European hobbyists to physically meet at Betta Shows. Since 2020, Bettas4all & Betta Freaks have hosted four successful online shows which gave European hobbyists the chance to show their fish in a virtual environment.

Bettas4all & Bettafreaks are proud to announce the 5th edition, the Virtual Holland Betta Show 2021. At the Virtual Holland Betta Show 2021 fish are judged via video entries on vitality, color, finnage, body shape and overall appearance, by a team of experienced judges according to the Bettas4all Standard©. It is clear that judging fish from a video by no means can be compared by watching fish live at a show, but it is the best thing we can offer the Betta community in Europe at the moment.  As always, the Bettas4all Judging Team will do their uttermost best to determine the winners of the various show classes and the special awards.

We are happy to inform you that the unique “Koi” Bettas judged by Koi judges competition” also will return in the 2021 edition of the Virtual Holland Betta Show. In this additional competition “koi marbles” will be judged according to their pattern by certified Koi judges.
The additional Photography and Artwork competition we introduced at the 4th Virtual Bettas4all Show also will return for this show.

Participants (European hobbyists only) can enter in the following classes:

  • Regular show classes*: The fish must be self-bred by the participant and is currently swimming in his/her fish room (matter of trust). Maximum of 5 Entries per hobbyist.
  •  ‘Koi’ Betta competition*: The fish must be self-bred by the participant and is currently swimming in his/her fish room (matter of trust). Maximum of 1 male and 1 female. These fish will be judged by experienced, certified Koi Judges.
  • Photograpy and Artwork competition*: The fish photograph must be made by the participant and the artwork must be created by the participant. All artwork and photos must be related to bettas (wild, hybrid or domestic). Maximum of 1 photography entry and 1 Artwork entry per hobbyist.

*More detail on the rules can be found under general information.

Online registration is possible from Friday 6 August 2021 to Friday 27 August 2021 (18:00h CEST/UTC+2). Videos can be Virtually Benched up to Sunday 29th of August 2021 (midnight 0:00h CEST/UTC+2).IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note to first register your fish before you start filming your fish because the unique, personally assigned show tank number must be shown in the video (written or printed on paper, digital not allowed).
For more information on the minimum requirements of the videos, how to register and upload videos, and judging procedures can be found under General information Virtual Holland Betta Show 2021.

We are looking forward to your participation & support!

With kind regards,
The Virtual Bettas4all Show Team