Virtual Holland Betta Show 2020

Due to the situation around COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) it still was not possible for European hobbyists to physically meet up at Betta Shows. In response to the successful Virtual Bettas4all Show in May 2020, we therefore decided to organize a 2nd edition, the Virtual Holland Betta Show. Again we have been totally blown away by your enthusiasm & support for this initiative!

A virtual show is a big challenge for both participants and the organizing team. Participants attempted to make the best possible quality videos to show their fish, according to the options and equipment available to them. On the other hand the Virtual Bettas4all Judging team attempted to judge all the entries in an efficient way in-between their jobs, social and family lives.

All videos were judged according to the Bettas4all Standard©. Here the entire judging team (including apprentics) worked together to: (1) Divide all entries in the right show classes; (2) judge the various show classes and the determine the class winners and (3) decide on the special prizes.  It has definitely been challenging to judge the fish without being able to see them live. In order to judge a fish properly it is necessary for the judges to get a clear impression of the behaviour, color, form and details (e.g. mouth, eye, scaling) on both sides of the fish. It is impossible to judge something which cannot be seen. It therefore is important to note that any fish which could not be judged properly (lacking tank numbers, fish out of focus in video, only one side visible of the fish, fish not flaring, etc.) was ranked down or even knocked out along the judging process (even if this fish potentially might have been the best fish of the class in real life). While we are certainly not flawless in our judgement, we did our uttermost best to judge all fish in a consistent way based on our knowledge, experience within all means available.


Our sponsors Zoo Med, Domburg Sportprijzen Holland, Kiyomizu and Gerbo have selected their favorite male and female to be awarded a special Sponsor Choice Award. In addition, a total of 117 people voted for the public prizes per show class.
At our 2nd virtual show, the Virtual Holland Betta Show (August 2020), in total 382 fish (339 regular show classes; 32 in the additional ‘Koi’ Bettas Judged by Koi Judges) were entered by 82 hobbyists from 20 European countries!

Although it was a huge amount of work for the organizing team, this show has been a lot of FUN! Congratulations to all the winners and we thank you all for your enthusiasm, participation, support and patience!

For an impression of the results of the Virtual Holland Show 2020, please click videos below:

Overview Male Winners (Regular Show Classes):

Overview Female Winners (Regular Show Classes):

Overview winners of the ‘Koi’ Bettas Judged by Koi Judges competition:

Overview of the Sponsor Choice Awards: