Virtual Bettas4all Show 2020

Due to the situation around COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) it was not impossible for European hobbyists to physically meet up at Betta Shows. With the Virtual Bettas4all Show we wanted to give European Hobbyists the opportunity to show their fish in a virtual environment.

Of course, such an initiative in this ‘corona era’ was a challenge for both participants and the organizing team. Participants did their utmost best, according to the options and equipment available to them, to make the best possible quality videos showing their fish.  The Virtual Bettas4all Judging team, juggling their own work, social and family lives, also had to find a way to get the judging done in the most efficient way possible.

All videos were judged according to the Bettas4all Standard©. Here the judging team took an elaborate 3-step approach: (1) All judges individually looked at the fish in the various show classes; (2) show classes were divided over teams consisting of three judges and (3) final placings and special prizes were discussed by the entire judging team.  It has definitely been challenging to judge the fish without being able to see them live. In order to judge a fish properly a clear impression of the behaviour, colour, form and details (e.g. mouth, eye, scaling) of the fish is required. It is impossible to judge something which cannot be seen. It therefore is important to note that any fish which could not be judged properly due to the video quality was ranked down or knocked out along the judging process (even if this fish potentially might have been the best fish of the class in real life). While we are certainly not flawless in our judgement, we did our uttermost best to judge all fish based on our knowledge, experience and means we had available.


During the Virtual Bettas4all Show 2020, 410 show bettas were entered by 90 breeders from 20 European countries and judged according the Bettas4all Standard© by certified Bettas4all judges.

For an impression of the results of the Virtual Bettas4all Show 2020, please click videos below:

Male Winners (Regular Show Classes):

Female Winners (Regular Show Classes):