Vivariumbeurs 2018

The 10th edition of Vivarium was held on a new location, the Autotron Rosmalen and was bigger & better than ever! Off course Bettas4all was represented again with a beautiful stand and a dedicated team of hobbyists to promote our beautiful hobby to the public. Because of the 10th anniversary of Vivarium we added a mini-show where fish bred by the hobbyists of the Bettas4all Team competed with each other. The fish were judged on Saturday according to the Bettas4all Standard© by certified judges in order to give the public more insight on how show bettas are shown and judged on Bettas4all-sanctioned shows in Europe.

At our stand we provided information with respect to the keeping, breeding and showing of show Bettas. Visitors also got the chance to purchase some quality fish bred by some top breeders from the Netherlands & Belgium.



For an impression of our stand at the Vivariumbeurs 2018, please click the following video: