Bettas4all presents:

The Holland Betta Show 2024

17-18 August 2024

Bloemenpark Appeltern
Walstraat 2a, 6629 AD, Appeltern
The Netherlands

The 15th anniversary edition of the Holland Betta Show will be held during the 32th edition of the Holland Koi Show which is organized by Nishikigoi Vereniging Nederland (NVN).

Unlike all previous editions, the show will be held at a new show location, Appeltern Adventure Gardens, on the 17-18th of August 2024 (benching thursday 15th, judging friday 16th).

The Holland Betta Show 2024 is an unique opportunity for the Bettas4all community to introduce our beautiful hobby to the public. A dedicated team of experienced betta hobbyists will provide you with all the necessary information with respect to the keeping, breeding and showing of show bettas. At the Holland Betta Show ~300 show Bettas of different color and finnage varieties will be shown. All fish are self-bred by European hobbyists and will be judged on vitality, colour, finnage, bodyshape and overall appearance by a team of experienced judges according to the Bettas4all Standard©, to determine the winners of the various showclasses and the special prices. It will also be possible for the visitors to purchase some quality fish for a reasonable price.The unique competition “Koi” Bettas judged by Koi judges!” will also return to the 2024 edition of the Holland Betta Show. Besides being judged according to the Bettas4all Standard©, all “koi marbles” will be judged according to their pattern by certified Koi judges.
In the past 15 years the Holland Betta Show has established itself as a well-known event within the European Betta scene. For an impression of our previous events can be found here.Registration will open on Saturday 29th of June 2024 and will closed when the show is fully booked. Benching of the fish takes place on Thursday 15th August 2024.We are looking forward to welcome you in the tent of the Holland Aquarium Show to come and see the Holland Betta Show for yourself. Please mark 17 & 18 August 2024 in your agenda!

More the information with respect to visiting and/or participation at the Holland Betta Show 2024 can be found on this website and the Bettas4all Facebook group.

During the coming months this website will be regularly updated to provide you with all the necessary information.

Have fun!

With kind regards from the Netherlands,

The Bettas4all Show Team