About Bettas4All


The International Betta Forum for Hobbyists by Hobbyists

Bettas4all.nl was started in September 2004 in order to bring Betta hobbyists together from all over the world to share knowledge and experience with respect to the keeping, breeding and showing of (show) bettas. The Bettas4all forum is internationally known because of the following characteristics:
  • International: To promote the international aspect of the forum the language of our forum is english. By almost all continents (except antartica) are represented on our  forum and we are internationally appreciated by many betta hobbyists, clubs and other forums.
  • Proffesionality: The Bettas4all forum is managed and supervised by an international team of dedicated and experienced  hobbyists, the “Bettas4all Advisors”.
  • Respect: The Bettas4all forum has a friendly atmosphere where members respect each others opinion.
  • Informative: The Bettas4all forum provides you will all the information you need with respect to keeping, breeding and exhibiting show bettas.
  • Quality: Information on a high level and good quality.
  • Speed: Quick response to your questions and reactions.


We hope to welcome you on our forum or at one of our events.

The Bettas4all Team