Vivariumbeurs 2016

Bettas4all events: Vivarium 2016 – Nieuwegein, the Netherlands

The Bettas4all Team was proud to present their stand @ Vivarium 2016. It was great to promote our beautiful hobby to the public visiting our stand and to provide information with respect to the keeping, breeding and showing of show Bettas. Many fish went home with new owners and we wish you all a lot of fun and pleasure with your new fish.

Off course this all would not have been possible without the efforts of some special people (1) The amazing Bettas4all Team (2) The Vivarium Team, (3) Marie-Helene Castanet from Zoo Med and (4) all the people who took the time to visit our stand! Hope to see you all back in 2017!

Here an impression of our stand at the Vivariumbeurs 2016: