First of all thank you for your interest in participating with the Holland Betta Show 2024. At this page you will find all the information you need to register and enter your fish for our show. Please keep in mind that we only accept fish which are bred by the participant him/herself.

Registration will open on Saturday 29th of June 2024 at 20:00h (CEST; UTC+2) and will close when the show is fully booked*.

Registration for the Holland Betta Show 2024 can be done by direct registration via the online entry form (Google Forms) on the show website (will be available on this website from the 29th of June 2024 at 20:00h; CEST; UTC+2).

*Please note that our shows sometimes can get fully booked really fast after opening of the registration so do not wait too long to register your fish..

Entry fee per fish: 5 euro.

Maximum number of fish per breeder: 15**

** In case all show tanks are booked but more breeders would like to enter fish, the maximum number of entries can be reduced to maximally 12 fish per breeder in order to promote an even more interesting competition.

Payment of the entry fee has to be made when you bench your fish on Thurday 15th August 2024. When we have received your entry form you will receive an email to confirm your entry and participation to the Holland Betta Show 2024.

Important note: The Holland Betta Show is a platform for European hobbyists and self-bred fish, not an import show. We therefore do not accept entries from outside of Europe. An exception can be made when a breeder will be attending the show themselves. Thank you for your understanding.

  • For UK entrants: Please be aware that the UK is now outside of the EU, and import paperwork is legally required to bring your fish into the EU. In the event of inspection by border control, you may be asked for this paperwork. By submitting the entry form, you accept that it is your responsibility to ensure the paperwork is completed and correct.
  • With “European hobbyists” we mean breeders from all countries belonging geographical or political under any of the various common definitions of Europe as described in Chapter 7 of the Bettas4all Standard (see Table 7.1).

Benching of the fish takes place on Thursday 15th of August 2024 between 14:00-18:00h!

During and after benching all fish will be assigned into the right show class by the Bettas4all Judging team. Judging will take place on Friday morning 16h of August 2024 according to the Bettas4all Standard© by an experienced team of judges. More information about the development of the Bettas4all standard, show classes, finnage and color standards and awards can be found by selecting “Bettas4all Standard©” in the menu. You can collect your fish again on Sunday 18th of August 2024 at 18.00h.

Offer fish for sale at the Holland Betta Show 2024

Participating breeders are allowed to offer the fish they have entered for the show for sale. Fish will be sold for fixed prices (no auction). Special “for sale” forms will be made available at the Holland Betta Show mentioning the name of the breeder, country, color- and tailtype, male/female or pair and the price.

Each breeder is free to determine the price of his/her fish. 30% of every fish sold at the show will be retained in favor of the organization of the Holland Betta Show. The remaining 70% will be paid to you when you collect your fish on Sunday 18th of August 2024 when the show is finished (18.00h) or transferred to your account afterwards. Each participant to the Holland Betta Show is allowed to offer additional fish for sale (above the amount he/she entered for the show). Please note that the organization can not guarantee that these additional fish all can be displayed as this is depending on the amount of free tanks available after each show day.