Virtual Bettas4all Show

COVID-19, the disease caused by new corona (SARS-CoV-2) virus is currently affecting the entire world. We hope you and your families are safe and our hearts go out to those, directly or indirectly impacted by the virus. In order to battle this disease, it is important that we all take this situation very serious and take our responsibilty. By social distancing, we can flatten the curve thereby preventing an overload of our healthcare system. It therefore is obligatory to keep distance to other persons and it is not allowed to gather with more than two people. Public gatherings and events in the first half of 2020 therefore have been cancelled. Currently is unclear how this will affect the events in the second half of 2020. This situation also affects our hobby as it currently is not possible for hobbyists from all over Europe to physically meet up at Betta Shows to exchange fish, information and to have fun.During this time, we want to reach out to you in order to give you the opportunity to show your fish in a virtual environment.

Bettas4all & Betta Freaks are proud to announce the 1st edition of the Virtual Bettas4all Show!

At the Virtual Bettas4all Show fish are judged via video entries on vitality, color, finnage, bodyshape and overall appearance, by a team of experienced judges according to the Bettas4all Standard©. It is clear that judging fish from a video by no means can be compared by watching fish live at a show, but it is the best thing we can offer the Betta community in Europe at the moment.  As always, the Bettas4all Judging Team will do their uttermost best to determine the winners of the various showclasses and the special awards.

Participants (European hobbyists only) can enter in the following classes:

  • Regular show classes*: The fish must be self-bred by the participant and is currently swimming in his/her fishroom (matter of trust).
  • Purchased classes*: The participant has never competed with self-bred Show Bettas at any show. In this case a purchased fish can be entered.

* Please note that participants entering fish in the purchased classes can not enter fish in the regular classes and vice versa.

Online registration & Virtual benching possible from Monday 20 April 2020 to Sunday 3 May 2020 (midnight).

Information on the minimum requirements of the videos, how to register and upload videos, and judging procedures can be found under General information Virtual Bettas4all Show.

We are looking forward to your participation & support!

With kind regards,

The Virtual Bettas4all Show Team