Purchase fish

At the Holland Betta Show 2024 it will also be possible for the visitors to purchase some (show)quality fish for a reasonable price. This does not automatically mean that all the fish which are displayed at the Holland Betta Show 2024 are for sale. Each breeder will decide him/herself whether he/she is willing to sell the entered fish. The fish which are offered for sale will be clearly marked at the show and will be sold for fixed prices (no auction).

The sales of the show fish (with exception of winning fish) will start on saturday 17h of august 2024 when the show opens. Winning fish (if offered for sale by their breeder) will be offered for sale from the moment that show opens on sunday 18th of August 2024.

After payment, the purchased fish can be taken immediately with the new owner or if desired picked up later during one of the show days.